I seem to live another life in my dreams. How do I know which life is real and which is the dream?

I haven't seen Yahoo in my other world. Does that mean this is the real world or that maybe this is the dream world and I am the inventor of Yahoo?

"Zhou dreamt he was a butterfly,
A pretty butterfly flitting from flower to flower,
and Zhou was totally forgotten.
But then upon awakening wearing all human trappings,
was I Zhou who dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming he was Zhou?" -Taoist poem
do shrooms much?
I'm thinking this is the real world considering I'm pretty sure I'm not in a dream land and I'm here... But if you go to sleep and then you're in the dream world don't you know its the one you're in after you go to sleep?
Quit the weed!
Which ever life is the better one, it is the dream.
no, ur not the inventor of yahoo.. sorry
If you see screaming children and mad men- welcome home!
You need a big fatty:)~ and so does Tim
whoa your really weird you actually think you live in another world in your dreams well that is one way to think of it i guess and this is the real world
go see a doctor and ask him!! and yes the world with yahoo is the real world!!
thank god for yahoo!
Alright i use to feel like something like this would happen to me. Please dont get caught up in it. When you use yahoo its real life. Now in your dream try hitting yourself and youll realize you can feel it. Or what i use to do when i was having a bad dream and knew i was dreaming was thinking about my mom and it always woke me up. Hope you believe me!
well, this must be the real world, the one with yahoo, cuz then that would mean that each and every one of us would also be part of your dream. now, that could make sence, but i have my own mind, and since i know that im not a figment of your imagination, than obviously this is the real world
but, then again, maybe you are the dream
lol, i know that this makes no sence, but maybe your the one whos not real...get what im trying to say?
maybe your dream world is YOUR world, not this world
Technically both are real on some level. There is only a loose definition of reality, so maybe the life you define is real is a dream life of yourself or another. There is a solid possibility that we all exist in someone else's dream.

Perhaps a coma patient is having a dream about a world with war, troubles, love, and hate. When that coma patient dies or wakes up then our world will end as we know it.

Reality is overrated!
well, if you're the inventor of yahoo, then you must be rich. lol But anyway, i have dreams like that too, sometimes I'm not sure why someone repeated themselfs the next day (when in reality i had dreamed that they said it the night before). I even wake up mad at my boyfriend because of something he did in my dream. sometimes the stuff is off the wall, but other times it could be just another day as far as i know,

good luck, try looking into dreams and the theories behind some of the things you see. I know that if you dream of animals, the type of animal says something about your mental and emotional stability... look it up!! good luck!
its the same you in both worlds..
Good One. I do too. I know for sure i live another life in my dreams. The "problem" is that i can't control any of them. Can you ? (if you can msg me) The one you can control, in my opinion, is the dream.
Both lives are real to an extent, The problem is that when you are in one of these, you don't consciosly realize about the other one, which is asleep at the time. So you are under an impression that there s only one life, which makes both sort of non-existant. One day you should realize that you are sleeping in one of the. As for the "invention of Yahoo", unless it is specified that you invented it, you are not the inventor, like you didn't invent the whole field on which all these dreams come alive.

This is the real world, the one with Yahoo!, or else that my hand could smack you across the screen right now and you still wouldn't wake up.

If your other world has your desires fulfilled and you reached true happiness with everyone surrounding you all happily-daisily full of joy, then that's probably the fake one.
I think I can answer this the best!

Ask someone to smash ur face and then when u open ur eyes with blood on ur face then feel where ur.
If u cant find yahoo in ur other world then u cant find a doctor also there.
So if u dont find a doctor then for sure ur in a strange world but if u find a doctor and u also feel the pain then ur in this world only from which I am answering such a stupid question.
you haven't seen Yahoo in your other world, well i have.
last night i had a dream, it wasn't about something i love or something i wish, but it was deep i wish it could be real at last in this life that i think is real but how can i be sure if it is dream or real.?!
Do you see how, in this world, when you leave your room, you get to a part of your house, and it is always the same part of your house each time? Do you see that when you leave your house, it is always the same road? Unless you are using other people's computers, do you see that the computer you use is always the same computer? Obviously, this is the dream world. Real life could never make this much sense. It could never be this uniform and this real.

How else could I know that you always see the same road outside of your house? Because I'm an invention of your dream. It's certainly not a priori knowledge that the world doesn't change dramatically on a daily basis in any one area. Nope, for that only happens in your dream. In reality things are changing constantly, and nothing is what it seems.
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