What happens if i fail a college course?

is it the end of the world? i am seriously freaking out !
im a freshman and im currently doing well in my other classes but I cannot get Calculus !
i cant drop it because its already past the drop date, and im only taking 13 hours (droping this would take me below 12 hrs and i would loose my scholarships). What should i do? (i still havent taken my midterm) is there any hope for me? any Advice?

I did that exact same thing my second semester of college. If you do fail like I did you can retake the course later and it does lower your GPA too. You'll also get a note from the financial aid people warning you that you went below 12 credits and stuff. You'll be on probation with them for a bit but if you keep doing well and passing classes you can get by fine. I didn't even retake my Calc. class and just worked on from there because I changed majors and didn't need the Calc. anymore. It's not the end of the world but try and pass at all costs. It lowered my GPA from a 3.5 to a 2.6.
just try your best and if you dont pass you will have to take it again
Even if you fail it this time through .. they will usually let you re-take the class and improve your grade. Get yourself a tutor if you can afford one. Good Luck! :)
Go talk to your instructor and/or your counselor.
all you can do now is buckle down and study for the mid and final exams. You might just end up with a "c" or "d"
don't worry, it's not the end of the world! you can always retake the class at least one more time (at least in my college they take the average of your two grades i think, and that determines your final grade if you retake a class).

talk to the professor, go over your last exam or any quizzes you've taken, ask the prof the best way for you to study. see if you can get a tutor too - ask your prof about that too, or ask the secretary in the math department. i had a tutor for calc in h.s. and that helped a lot!

just because you failed one exam doesn't mean you're going to fail the course - there are lots of ways to make up the points as you go through the semester. i remember when i was a freshman in college and i freaked out b/c the grading scale was so different from high school - i didn't know how well i was doing or how badly or anything. so i literally thought i was failing chemistry, but i ended up passing it and was really pleased! i'm sure you're probably doing fine...if you're worrying this early in the semester, then i'll b et you're doing ok.
You can't drop out, it messes your financial aid up real bad if you do.

The thing is when faced with this circumstance is to concentrate all your efforts on the other classes.

If your having trouble with calculus then it is probably a lack of proper preparation with college algebra or precalculus.

An F brings down a GPA really badly, but not to agonise this early in the game. Usually you can take a class over only one time for grade improvement.

To avoid similiar circumstances in future semesters go to the bookstore and thumb through the books of classes that you are considering taking, If it looks impossible, then find out what your lacking an shore that up, or if you don't need the class, avoid it.
Don't worry about GPA. Failing 1 class is no biggie. Failing 10 is. Calc is tough depending on your teacher. I'm on my second time taking Calc 2 and this professor is a LOT harder than my first one. Fail this time and try to find an easier teacher. If it makes you lose your scholarship though then make sure you get a C! losing a scholarship really fucks things up.
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