Combat Action Ribbon - Prior Service - What Benefits does it give after Hon. Discharge?

I recently seperated (honorably) from the Marine Corps.

I was told by a former Marine who was working my discharge paperwork, that having the Combat Action Ribbon can get you a lot of benefits, what in peticular would he have been talking about?

I'm aware that the VA will give you some different benefits for it, but other than that what is available?

College Grant money?

Or is it just something to look nice in my shadowbox? =)

Mine is in a box display with my others...

Aside from that the VA hasnt given me anything that any other veteran would be getting.

If your a disabled veteran with 20% or more you qualify for the vocational rehabilitation program and that program rocks. They are paying for my degree right now.

People say bad things about the VA, all I know is that they are taking pretty good care of me right now.

oh yeah,
Semper Fi, welcome home..
I don't think the CAR increases your benefits any. Check with your personnel office for the facts rather than to take the word of a "former" Marine.
I think what he was suggesting is that having a CAR makes it easier to qualify for PTSD disability. It proves that the claim has some merit.
You get the ribbon...and the satisfaction that you served your country during a time of war..Welcome Home
It looks cool and all, but you don't get more benefits.

They're not exactly hard to come by lately, either. I remember a time when the CIB was looked upon with awe. Now not having a CIB merely elicits a "what the hell is wrong with you?"
You would get more benefits if you were an illegal alien.

An ex-combat vet gets you squat.
Absolutly nothing. The only 2 medals that the VA awards compensation for are the MoH and the Purple Heart. VA benifits are based on disability level. there are 2 types of disabilty catagory 1) Service-Connected and 2) Non Service-Connected.
after discharge all you get with any medal you have is the medal and a dollar fifty you get a cup of coffee
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