My SAT score is 1810. Is that bad? Can I get scholarships on that and accenptance into good colleges like Rice

What score do I need to get good scholarships or if any at all.

I think you need to take the test again and try to improve your score. With 2060, I've been told I have a fighting chance at one of the top 20 schools. My percentiles were both in the mid to high 90s, so it's more the percentile that matters than the score, I think. Try to get your percentiles at least above 85. Many scholarships require at least 1900 as a SAT score... all the ones I've looked at recently, at least.

Good luck. And btw, don't listen to the person who said you'll be driving a garbage truck with a SAT score like yours. SAT scores are not the only thing that colleges look at, and plus, your SAT score doesn't judge the content of your character. It's more important to be a god person than to be a high test scorer. SAT scores don't judge your success rate in either college or in the work-force, and that has been statistically proven.
The most you can get is a 1600.

1810? You cant even get into community college with a score like that. You might as well get a job riding on the back of a garbage truck.
2400 is the top. 1810 seems so-so.

Test scores are important and good scores help, but they are not an absolute criterion. Our review process looks for evidence of a student's motivation, character, unique talents, or experiences that shape the quality of life in and out of the classroom.
duhh...thats really good...well if ur talking abt the new SATS ur probably doing well...keep ur GPA up...u'll be fine
An 1810 is a great score.. I don't know what every1 else is talkn about.. You can pretty much get in2 any skool.. (though the Ivy Leagues want like perfect score lol) Rice is really hard to get in, but I think with your pretty good score, you might be able 2 get in. You might get the scholarship, but it also depends on other things, like grades, gpa, etc.

This is for Rice :
SAT verbal scores over 500 98%, SAT math scores over 500 100%, ACT scores over 18 100%, SAT verbal scores over 600 91%, SAT math scores over 600 93%, ACT scores over 24 93%, SAT verbal scores over 700 57%, SAT math scores over 700 63%, ACT scores over 30 68%
Hmmm. Well, here's what I know. I got 2210. Pretty dern good, no? My parents went to Rice (you are talking about Rice University in Houston, TX, right?), I've been to Rice twice, I'm creative, unconventional, & basically the perfect candidate for Rice (or so I've been told by many, many people.)

I got wait-listed. If you want to go to Rice, you need SO much more than a good SAT score.

Anyway, some scholarships don't even ask for your SAT score. Check out
It is SO great.
Good luck!

OK, look, Rice looks at SOOOOOO much more than SAT scores. And Rice hasn't said "yes," but they haven't siad "no," either. I'm still "waiting." I just haven't told Rice that Trinity offered me $12,000 a year. I'm thinking of transferring to Rice next year.
you can't get into rice with a 1810. If you get a 2100 you are a fairly competitive applicant for rice, but as the other user said with a 2200 rice still didn't take her. The most important factor for admission is GPA and AP classes. If you don't have at least 4 AP classes you can forget about rice, but don't worry rice isn't for evreyone there are many more colleges out there that a 1810 will get you in. You did not do "bad" you scored mediokur, which is not acceptable for rice.
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