Why are Spanish and Black people so loud and annoying?

I mean seriously shut the hell up! I go to the movies and all the hood-lems come out and start talking to each other during the movie, they are on the cell phone and they even bring their infant babies! Were all you people raised by wolves or something? Have some freackin' manners. Also when Im out in public you will see black and spanish people walking around screaming and cussing in public even if there are little kids around. Are you people desperate for attention or something? Why dont you do something with your lives? Instead of pissing off the teacher why dont you actually listen and get some good grades?? Then maybe you can get a scholarship and go to college. If not, go to a state school and take out a small loan. Then you go actually GET A JOB and not be hanging outside of McDonalds swearing at the top of your lungs. I dont see white people doing any of this. I dont see Asian people doing any of this nonsense. What is your problem? (I want answers..not "you're being racist")

i think you are somewhat right. as a Black woman i find it embarassing for my people to be in public acting stupid and talking as loud as they can. in all fairness you can't single out minorities. other races do it too but it's like they do it on the dl and i don't believe i have saw asians act out ever. on the other hand i am educated. I received a scholarship, graduated from high school with honors and am currently in a medical program with a 3.5 gpa on top of raising 2 kids who are well mannered, go to church, and work full time. I don't bring my kids to the movies unless it's kiddie and i don't swear in public nor do i loud talk. so get it right it isn't all of us.
Perhaps it's because you were apparently raised in an environment that has instilled racism in you.
wow...RACIST much?...your pathetic.
Why are you so annoying and prejudiced?
Why r some people like u a racist and a dumbass because u cant think before u ask something like that, have u ever thought that not all hispanics and blacks r like that,?? duh My goodness where do u live? Oh yeah and stop being so racist, thanx
What is your problem white people are the same way. Every ethnic group has people that are just like this. See many white people do the same thing. Not all latin or black people are loud and annoying, many of them are good citizens and are respectful. I think you need to look around and see white people are the same way before you automatically assume that its is latinos and blacks
Hey gringo! You can take your redneck butt back to the trailer park so u can grow up.
BTW our problem is we like to annoy you stupid white people.
u mean.. they were prob mexican.. dont get confused

hope i dont get reported .. heh
Well first of all you are racist because you are stereotyping these two races. I am Hispanic and I have an education. I am not rude or obnoxious in public, and I do not cuss. Next of all this does not sound like any question. It sounds like you are just venting your frustrations. If you don't want to hear "you are being racist" then don't say racist things.
ya i hear u on that one i cant stand people like that at lease some one knows what im talking about alsome
ya keep the good work up
why do white people go around oppressing other cultures? lol
You said it!!! Now hopefully they will all read it but yes I have always thought it was a attention thing. Like they have to stand out and be seen begging for attention but just making theirselves look so stupid. And it probably does have something to do with the way they were raised because look at how many generations this goes back. It probably started the day Abraham set them free....they just started it to show people that they can. I have never appreicated it. I can't stand it and I also feel that that is why most people are racist because it is very annoying!!!
beacause all they know how to do is yell and complain about racism, and how they were abused that everyone just got so flippin tired of dealing with it ( white people) we let it get outta hand and go to far that if we say anything now we are racist. so basically decades of hush hush and nothing done, we have NOW GONE INTO WHAT i call reverse racism. them against us. all in all ...i AGREEE, they need to get off their ***, shut up and work like we all do. and i respect those hard working black familys and hispanic family that actually live like americans and not free loaders
Dear sir or madam, that is NOT a politically correct post! I will have you know that I am offended beyond words and will be reporting you to the racism police!
You shut the hell up,seriously,I could ask some question about other race too, You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves, Fortune does not change men, It only unmasks them.
Actually, Spanish people (Spaniards) are european and they tend to be quiet. As for black people--IS IT OUR FAULT WE KNOW HOW TO PARTY?? WE LIKE TO HAVE SOME FUN, YOU JEALOUS SNOB! GET OFF THIS COMPUTER AND DRINK SOME TEA WITH YOUR BOOK CLUB!

really there will always people that will annoy you regardless of their ethnicity... just be cool and dont let these minute things annoy you, maybe u dont know but YOU are also annoying people around u..
Why are you so racially intolerant?
Hmmm... Where do you live? When I go out I see all races acting a fool and having fun. You make a conscious decision to go to those locations and expose your ears and possibly that of your child's to that kind of behavior and language. Rent a movie ( netflix is pretty good), use the drive through, switch your school district and stop complaining.

Besides you seriously think the "ghetto" minorities don't have jobs. Movie tickets and McDee's cost money and last I checked you couldn't pay with food stamps at the theater or for a Big Mac. So why don't you grow up, go to school and retake English to learn how to use spell check or a dictionary. If its too late and you are already in school, print this page out and slap your English teacher with it while demanding your money back.
That is beyond racists and to make such generalizations is messed up. Are you saying that only Spanish and black people are hoodlums? You are absolutely wrong. I see other people going crazy all the time. Just the other day, this white man was yelling at his wife and daughter but I didn't make the generalization that all white men are loud and obnoxious because this guy was yelling and screaming causing a big scene. I have seen many people act a fool in public and they all weren't Spanish and black, and how people act in public shouldn't be your concern. If you don't like it, you can go home and stay there.
Oh, and I don't enjoy watching little Tommy and his mother Katie yell and scream all over the store because Tommy wants to get out of the basket and his mom won't let him. Tommy will yell and scream because he can't get his way when Katie only needs to knock him. Everyone can be disruptive, and I will say that there are some Katies who will whip their kids and there are also some blacks who won't whip there kids, but I see more Katies who don't and more blacks that do...When Katie and Tommy are making that noise, I hurry up and leave. I get tired of Tommy screaming just like you get tired of blacks and Spanish people yelling and cussing...Get over it...
girl please..not all black and hispanics are loud for one. And so what if some are are, there have been plenty of times where i have been around white people that were loud too! They same thing you are accusing black and hispanics of doing, i have seen white people do so please go somewhere with that.
I mean seriously! You have a major problem. It is called being a one sided or in this case, two sided racist. These two cultures are not the only people that make noise or bring babies to movies, but they are obviously the only ones that you notice.

As for manners, You might take your own advice and get some. As for white people or Asian people not doing it, I see and hear them doing the some thing.
You obviously have had a bad experience with a black person and a Spanish person. You can't base your outlook of a whole culture on one or two bad experiences.

If you continue to look at these people they way you are now, It is you that has the serious problem.
why must you judge a whole race from just a few peoples actions. and for your information my mother is an african american women and she has her masters and is working working on her phd. i understand that you disagree with how some of us act but you shouldn't blame it on our race, you should blame it on how they a raised and how there parents decided to bring them up. i shouldn't have to be labeld just because of how ignorent some of my people act.
ha ha ...I actually agree with you for the most part. I am half
spanish and I can be a little jabbery sometimes. But, I have to
say.I have been in a store and have to hear mothers yelling at
their kids, etc. And these are mostly WHITE mothers. Whom I
choose to call "white trash". NO MANNERS. So the rest of us
in the store have to listen to their loud freakin obnoxious A***!
Sometimes, I just want to stop and say", Are you aware of how
you sound and look to other people, you F**** IDIOT "!!wew.
when your poor you dont have access to a good education where one attains class and manners you are more likely to be inconsiderate of other people. Personally I like being loud *turns up car radio*, but I totally get what youre saying -- people are inconsiderate.. and well its not just brown people, its all uneducated/poor people-- there are plenty of white people and chinese people and all kinds of people that are rude and oblivious to the world around them.. they dont care about anyone else but themselves, why? becuz its a tough life, and why bother to have consideration for your neighbors.

Not everyone can so easily get a job, or less, find the motivation to do what is required to get one. Life is rough.

Take it easy.

You will never understand other people unless you have to walk in their shoes. Goes both ways.

And that mexican chic above, im like, man if i can find a mexican to clean my house for 10$ then im down for that.. heres a job for you!

Mainly its Hostillty see thay aint scared of White people and are probably waiting for you to say something so they can woop your asss after all they are pissed off ..

But as far as being Barbaric there is none more Barbaric than A white person ..histories greatest murderers rapeist
savage imoral ethnic group ..

oh yeah i forgot liars..
I am hispanic and I agree with you, we are loud and we make public scenes, I really do not know why, I am actually a very quiet person. It would be nice for everybody to be respectfull of the people around you and if you have to make a scene you should do it in private. But it seems to me you are a little disrespectful in the way you phrase your question and no different from a poor uneducated latino o african american. I guess that instead of feeling frustrated about how other people behave (believe me, you cannot change somebody else). You should just be happy and live your life the way you want it, not expecting everybody to behave or act the same way you think they should.
How about we discuss this over dinner, kno what I'm sayin'?
I think people who act like that are all over the place. They have been educated by the culture of the day. There are some in all races.

It has to do with their upbringing, or lack of it.

They really have no concept of reality. They think the world revolves around them. That's why they act loud and proud.
They sound like the movies and music they watch and hear.
Every other word is the "f" word...you know.

They have been programmed well by hollywood and the materialistic hip-hop rap "music" industry.

They are the ones who pierce the ear of their 3 month old baby boy and put a diamond earing on him.

They are the ones who should be on the front lines if Islam invades the U.S. Maybe then they can appreciate what freedom really means.
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