How do I pay off old college tuition to get my transcripts released so I can get back into college?

Hello. I would like to go back to college, but I owe my previous college a large sum of money, and they won't release my transcripts until I pay that money off. I don't have a paying job I am a full time mom. I looked into getting another loan, but no one will even help me out unless I am enrolled into school. But how can I enroll in school with no transcripts?

You cannot enroll in school without transcripts. You are trapped in a "Catch 22." Here is a suggestion.

Break the problem down like this:

Your previous school wants its money.
You want to go to school again.
You don't have spare money.

You need to call the bursar's office at your previous college and talk to someone in charge. Explain your situation. Tell them that you want to make good on your debt with them, but you cannot afford to pay the whole amount at this time. Offer to pay them $50.00 a month until the debt is paid and ask if they will release your transcripts while you are making good on your debt. If the first peson you talk to doesn't agree, ask to speak to his supervisor. Keep going until you reach the highest ranking person you can.

If you are unable to pay any amount, tell them that. However, you will find they will be more receptive if you offer to pay something rather than nothing.

I had this same problem. I was able to pay the sum in full by putting it on a credit card and paying the credit card monthly.

If you are one step above the poverty line, you should talk to the appropriate state agencies about public assistance. I was able to receive some public assistance when my child was little and I was in school. There is no shame in accepting help, especially from the government. You have already paid for it in taxes. You might as well use a benefit you have paid for.
Your question is also your answer. YOU HAVE TO PAY OFF YOUR TUITION. They have the right to hold your transcripts and rightfully so.
If you are a full time mom, your husband is responsible for paying off the money. Being a mom is a huge job, and the husband should take his own load
...If you are responsible for your self , young, and reasonably good looking. get a job in a strip club. My sister paid for college that way and NEVER gave in for sex.
Your old school is holding your transcripts hostage? I didn't know they could do that...

How about your husband... is he willing to work with the budget, give you a little to work with, pay the school back?

How old are your kids? If they're in grade-school at least, is there a way you can get part-time work while they're in school?

that might help.
Don't look into college loans, but get one from the bank.
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