Why do people sue each other in America?

Ok last political question...but I really want to understand this...because Canada isn't much different than the USA but nobody really sues one another here. I don't know if it's because we have insurance which covers us for a lot of things (ie Workman's Comp for injuries, private insurance, long term disability, auto insurance, etc. etc.) or what.

But in the USA it seems you can't open your mouth without fear of being sued. Someone slips on your driveway and you're being sued. One child hits another, and parents sue.this is insane.

Don't you think that somehow this has to change? That courts and judges need to make a point of dismissing ridiculous claims and banishing these money hungry lawyers who just profit off of people's miseries?

I mean am I missing something here? Why is America like this?

I mean if I would have sued for a kid slandering my daughter all over the internet the judge would have taken a strip off me for wasting his time with that nonsense.

We have too many lawyers in the US. They look around for ways to make money. They take liability cases on a contingency basis, meaning that they get a part of the settlement. If no settlement or jury award, they get nothing. Even if a defendant wins, it can cost him a lot of money to defend.
We do have all kinds of insurance. People even sue when they have coverage, like workers compensation.
Most of the people in Congress are lawyers. Changes in our laws to get rid of lawsuits will not happen. The trial lawyers associations are big campaign contributors.
I was an insurance claims adjuster. I retired early because I could not stand the lying, cheating, thieving, SOB's and their clients.
America is filled with greedy people
money. everyone's looking for that quick dollar. even and someone else's expense..
Frivolous lawsuit is an American pasttime, just as much as "competitive eating." Without them, Judge Judy and others like her would never achieve celebrity status.
It's because here in America, people just like to sue for stupid things.
We are a capitalistic society and that is not just to gain capital, but to capitalize off a situation. Litigation has become the lotto for some people and that is just real talk
It's free money without working most people,

and also for injuries if you were hurt by someones recklessness.
Welcome to the world of trial attorneys.
cause they want them to take there own responsobility so they go to court so the lier has to pay the consequence!
hope that helps a lot!
thanks bye!
Because people are lazy and are looking for a way to score a quick dollar.
Unfortunately Americans have an "I am special attitude." What is best for the individual has become more important than what is best for the group.
Two reasons - people have become extremely greedy and think a lawsuit over a lost pair of pants is a quick way to get rich. Second reason - we are over-lawyered in America. Way too many people with law degrees.
Because of the sleaze bags that many of our esteemed attorneys have turned into over the years. Law used to be an honorable profession until we became a country obsessed with lawsuits. The lawyers end up getting rich and for the most part, we elect lawyers to create our laws. For them, it's a win-win situation. :)
We have all those same insurance benefits in the US. that is probably why people sue, to get a big fat settlement from the insurance companies.
Money. Of course, some people are encouraged to do so by certain lawyers, who are also looking to cash in on the lawsuit.
i live in america and i understand your question. they do it because no one in america has insurance really so if they aren't covered for getting hurt someone is paying. also its because a lot of people want to get rich quick. easy way is to fall and get hurt or say someone did this or that. the people that sue over stuff like that are a bunch of scumbags.
because it's like the lottery thanks to dumb judges and dumber juries. and because it's the ultimate revenge. if you kill someone, then you still have to spend the rest of your life in jail. but if you successfully sue them, you take their money and there's nothing they can do about it. even if the suit fails, you get them to spend money, time, and stress out over the possibility of a dumb judge/ jury. and all you have to pay for is lawyers fees.
People are way too into getting money. But unfortunatly the law makers are really the ones to blame.
Yeah, money, that's all there is to it. But don't judge all of us, we're not all greedy scumbags.
The primary reason is that there are too many lawyers in America. They need to make a living so they get people to sue other people or companies. They are ruining this country! When I was a kid there would be diving boards at every swimming pool we'd go to. Now, no pool owner is willing to accept the risk of having a board...that's just one small example. We should limit the number of lawyers.
people sue because they are cowards and do not want to have to think for themselves. It's the democrat's fault. Everything has to be so safe, and common sense is a thing of the past. Actually, Canada is not like America. The government provides everything there and it is not for free. You pay the majority of what you make to the government for your substandard healthcare and social programs. For instance. In the US after you have a baby (by normal means) you stay in the hospital for two days. In Canada my cousin was discharged after 12 hours. Also, my grandfather died of cancer that was treatable but he was bumped from chemo therapy for 2 years because the government thought it was more important to provide it for younger people. But thats what you get when the government runs things.
It needs to stop but until we get some judges who say no, it will not. No matter how stupid or frivolous as long as someone still believes they can make some quick cash then lawsuits will be America's favorite activitiy.
It's better than stoning people. It resolves some problems and some people abuse it. It's probably why most lawyers are hated. They say Canooks are more polite so that might be why there's less law-suits.
We actually have people who are called "professional victims", they make a living off stupid lawsuits...One woman who lived down the road from me had to move out of her state (Massachusetts) and move to New Hampshire because she needed a new state to sue people in because she was too well known down there and stores and restaurants wouldn`t even serve her for fear she was trying to get a lawsuit going.
Americans have become Fragile and so Greedy it is insane, if some one even your friend finds a way to sue you and get some free money , to hell with friendship money first,
I feel the gov, is really behind a lot of this, as when no one can trust anyone else how would you ever get organized to kick them out of office, same way with so many things, in drug cases for example , I have seen sons or daughters testify against their parents and vice versa ( to get a time cut ) and our school system is constantly asking little kids if their mom or dad uses drugs , has weapons , if they fight, and so many other questions these innocent little kids don't understand can and will cause a good family to break up,and we had the audacity to criticize the Soviet Union and Nazis for , now our gov is doing the same, GOD HELP US AS OUR GOV, SURE WON'T. I knew a time when family came first,
because thats how this country is
People sue each other in America for various reasons and it would be difficult to mention all of the reasons, as each case is different. But one of the major reasons could be to receive compensation.
My vote is with Ronin. The US has 90 times more lawyers per capita than any other country in the whole world. If we closed all law school for 10 years, we would still have too many lawyers!
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