Can anyone help me?

3. In Freud’s model of awareness, the _______ level is illustrated by the ability to bring words
to mind as you need them.
A. semiconscious C. conscious
B. preconscious D. unconscious
4. Simon is familiar with the way in which his old company has organized the human
resources department. When he moves to a new company, he applies the same
principles. Simon is probably acting in terms of a/an _______ heuristic.
A. anchoring C. framing
B. adjustment D. representativeness
5. In a classical conditioning experiment, you ring a bell but no longer provide dinner to your
subject, a beagle. At last, the CS no longer evokes the CR. Therefore, you’ve accomplished
A. generalization. C. extinction.
B. acquisition. D. recovery.
6. If you’re shaky about your knowledge of English grammar, you would be pleased to discover
that your upcoming test contains all multiple-choice questions.Why would this please you?
A. Recognition is the easiest way to recall something.
B. Relearning is usually more effective than initial learning.
C. Seeing material in context allows you to employ short-term memory.
D. You’re less likely to be affected by retroactive interference.

No offense, but please don't trust any answers you get! oh, and I'd try:
3. b
4. a
5. d
6. a

Good luck!
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