Is Lipton tea good for you?

if ya wanna know what exactly kind: it is a 100% natural tea w/ 150mg protective antioxidants. It has 0 calories yet 25mg in potassium but is it still good for body? I am planning on drinking it everyday but the question in my mind " is it good for health or will it sneak to gain a pound?" I would like your opinion pls.

Tea in general is better for you than other drinks out there like coffee or juice or soda. That lipton tea is very healthy for you but the problem is people end up adding creamer or a ton of sugar making the tea fattening. If you just add some Splenda then you should be fine caloriewise, obviously it would be better without the sugar, but the taste would be much worse. Green tea is proabably the best tea for you but it doesnt always taste that good, i've found diet lipton green iced tea(its in bottles) is delicious and zero calories!

I personally hate the same old mundane taste of tea, I think its rather bland. And just recently I found this tea shop that makes teas better than any place I'ver found. Their strawberry-kiwi tea(cold or hot) is really flavorful, even without sugar. Somehow they make the tea different, I think they said part of it is dried up real pieces of fruit, which give it that flavor, and they sell brown sugar crystals, which is sugar in its more natural state and its more delicious! Here's a link to this places' website, maybe there's one near you or you could order from them. Trust me when I say its awesome. O, and if you do order from this website the first tea you have to try I think is called the machta chai with green tea, but I'm not sure,lol. Link:
i like their green tea (with flavors added) that is healthy for u
yes its good for u
I drink lipton tea everyday. It has no calories and no sugar, plus has lots of antioxidants. So, it is actually good for you. It won't make you gain weight and it's naother way to get more liquids daily and help you lose weight
I feel healthier when I drink it, but my other drink of choice is Coke, so pretty much anything would beat that. It won't help you gain weight if you don't sweeten. For iced tea, you can usually get away with just adding 1/3 cup of sugar for two quarts of tea. It won't be syrup like kool-aid or sweetened drinks, but won't be bitter.
No, it does contains cafine which is a stimulant.
One cup a day is good for health, but i avoid tea as much as possible.
it's good for you and it will not put weight on you
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