Are there ways of getting onto my boyfriend's health insurance plan without being married?

the only way you can be added to his membership is if his employer allows domestic partership. ask him to go to his HR and find out. if not then unfortunately you can not.
if yes then great, but know the cost.
right now he pays a premium out of his paycheck tax free.
by adding you his deductions will more then likely double, except the "single rate" will be tax free (pre-tax deductions) and the additional premium will come out of his check post tax.
also, be aware that you have to qualify to be a domestic partner. you can not just be "dating". you have to prove that you are a domestic partner. that means that your "married" with out actually getting married. you have to live together, share bills etc. if his employer allows this, then they should be able to tell you if you qualify.
i hope this helps.
Yes, there is. Find out if your boyfriend's health plan pays for Domestic Partners and sign up that way. It is a little expensive, but I know quite a few people that has it.
No, I believe you have to be related by marriage or a dependent to be added to someone else's insurance. This is one of those issues Gay couples always bring up, saying that it is not fair but that's how the law and insurance companies are right now. Either get married if your ready for that OR see if you can find an affordable plan of your own OR see if you can get county/state health insurance (I did this for a while when I was in college & uninsured).
It depends on several things, but it might be possible. See if your state allows it, some and some specifically forbid non-married people from being on a family plan.

Also some companies allow you to add a domestic partner.

Also if you live in a common law state and you're living together you might be married legally anyway
More than likely no. You would have to be legally married. I guess it depends in which state you live. But in Texas it's a no no.
You have to be either a live in (common law spouse) or spouse. So if you've lived together for 6 months to a year, you can be covered (or if he wants to put you on it, get him to check off that you are common law partners). This way you an have the benefits of his plan and not be married yet.
There's a slight chance that you can. IF his health plan is through his employer, AND your state and the employer have a "domestic partner" allowance, AND he declares YOU as his domestic partner, you can be added ONLY during an open enrollment period.

Most of the time, open enrollment is November/December.
i doubt it. only a few states recognize common law and they do not have the same criteria. one state may be lenient the other may be rigid. bottom line, if you are not married then you should do the right thing and not falsify your status just to obtain insurance. there are many ways you can become insured yourself. 1) get a job with insurance. 2) if you are pregnant, state aid will normally allow coverage for you + baby provided you are unmarried and qualify 3) purchase a self pay plan 4) get married, but do that for the right reasons not because of insurance. if you are allowed on his Plan under false pretenses and the Plan finds out, the consquences would affect the rest of your life.
If the insurance allows for domestic partners to be added you can be on it--look in the benefits book. Or pretend to be related to him..but, that'll be fraud and bad especially if you get married one day.
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