Does satellite TV, Dish Network, Direct TV really mess up when it rains, snows, or gets windy?

I've had cable all my life and I can't remember it ever going out in bad weather. But I've heard it happens a lot for satellite tv . If so which types of weather affect it, and how often does it go out and for how long? I know you have to attach it to the home, so does that play a factor in it?

If so what is the best way to install it on a new home?

Yes it does...however, I have found that one place I lived it was much better about not loosing signal then where I am living now.and I have the dish signal strong on both. But I will still take my dish over cable...most places I have been only have one cable company so they can dictate costs, where as Dish company's are more price competitive.
I have TATA SKY .It gets disturbed during rains and storms.
I would advise u to get some other one.TATA SKY not recommended by me .this is my personnal experience.the time may vary from 10 miniutes to 2 hours.
My DSS system which I quit using a long time ago only works in the winter, plus part of spring and Fall. One of these days I am going to cut that tree down that my neighbor planted.

Yes it went out a lot when it was raining, cloudy, or snowing when it worked. That's why I quit using it.

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There are many differences between Satellite and cable. Satellite will go out when it rains, not all the time but, it will go out. It depends on how good you are receiving the signal. One of the factors to consider is how clear the dish's view to the south is. If you have any trees in the way it will adversely effect the signal. Satellite service is better though due to the "uncompressed" quality of the 100% ddigital service and the wider range of HD channels. Personally I stick with cable, I am a father and a home owner when I pay my bill , I know my money is staying local, the employees are my neighbors, and my cable company puts back into the community. They sponsor school sports and local events. There is no annual commitment, no equipment to purchase, no credit check and no dish to mount on your home. My kids have TVs in their rooms, I don't have to have a box sitting on top of them to get cable service. With satellite service, you can only have up to 4 TVs running different programs and even then, you should see the price of their service if you have the dish capable of 4 split signals. WATCH THE HIDDEN COSTS>>
Although Dish will experience a small problem during a very heavy storm, it will reset itself in a very short time. I think the picture quality is better with dish than cable.I have had dish for three years I will not go back to cable and their high prices.
water will cause the signal to mess up. so rain and snow will interfere with the signal.
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