What's the purpose of the other 8 planets in our solar system? ( o _ 0 )?

Out of the 9 planets in our solar system, earth is the only planet that sustains plants, animals and humans amongst other things. To what purpose and function do these other 8 planets pose? I don't get it? ( o _ 0 )

DECORATION!! I mean, God didn't want plain old Earth and the sun alone in the solar system, He put the other 8 to give scientists something to do!
Whats the purpose of the 9th one?
uh...not everything that exists has a purpose. theyre just there, for us to explore, i guess.
God wanted some vacation homes.
They have no purpose. They just are. And so are we, for a little while.

BTW, Pluto has been kicked out of the club. There are only 7 other planets in our solar system, along with Pluto and a few other posers.
no, you're looking at it wrong. the earth wasn't created for sustaining life, it just happened (through evolution!). the planets were here first, so they don't need any purpose other than being. there is no purpose to things, just choices and occurrences.
There are only 8 planets. Pluto is not there. They don't need a purpose; thay are just artifacts from the formation of the solar system
Scientists believe that the solar system was formed due to the explosion of a nearby star, which I believe is called a supernova. It was because of these gases and dusts that came together that the planets were eventually formed. The alignment put us as the most habitable of them all. That's just the way it worked out.
I can answer the purpose of the gas giants: Due to their mass and gravity attraction they are perfect meteor and comet catchers. They are sort of like a natural meteor shield for the one planet that we know of that is capable of sustaining life. Jupiter being the biggest and close to the asteriod belt is the best at this task. Good ol' Jupiter!
The solarsystem consists of the sun + debris. The debris would be the planets. All planets are then simply little specks of dust that were left from the formation of the sun. And debris doesn´t have purpose. Does it? There just happen to be life on this speck of dust but that is just a matter of chemistry. No purpose behind life either except to live it.
I don't know but they sure are beautiful when seen from the planetarium. Remember those?
now now we don't know what the other planets were or were not capable of, we do have that face on mars not to mention that whole railway business so maybe be mars once held life. what business do we have to judge what makes life and what doesn't? we have barely gotten off the planet yet so i don't think anyone can say what purpose they have until we really go there. or maybe it takes the gravity of all 9 to make a stable solar system
every planet in this solar system is here for the same purpose. the planets are what's left over from the star making process.
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