How fast does our solar system travel?

I thought it was around 1000 mph. But also how fast does the galaxy travel. Oh man. How fast does the universe travel!?!?!? Does anyone have any links to this kind of information? I get NASA news and and some other stuff.

The sun revolves 140 miles per second around the milky way galaxy. The sun is 30,000 lightyears from the center. It orbits once every 250 million years. That comes to 140 miles per second by my calculation. (30,000 * 2pi = / 250 million = .00075398 lightyears per year. A lightyear is 5,878,500,000,000 and a year is 31,556,926 seconds. .00075398 * 5,878,500,000,000 * 31556926 = 140 miles per second).
Relative to what? Everything travels at a certain speed relative to something else. Relative to Earth, I am not traveling (sitting down). Relative to the Sun, I am orbiting the Sun however fast the Earth is orbiting the Earth (if we ignore Earth's rotation). As for the Universe traveling, I think you should be concerned with the universe expanding at an accelerating rate.
It depends where you're standing with the radar gun!
Within the Milky Way Galaxy, our solar system orbits the center at about 560,000 mph (..takes 226-million years for one orbit..) The Milky Way's velocity is less certain, ranging from 290,802 mph to 2,236,936 mph relative to other galaxies.
This is what I think.

Please check this out

The solar system has been traveling faster and faster through the long stretch of time that we can't even comprehend beyond or own comprehensibility.
As every stage of evolution through living beings evolved they,we,and those after us ,will grow stronger and better then we ever have for that point and time that they are at.
One might say that they where stronger back then because according to some scripts it is said that man has lived for almost 500years or more at a time.

The only draw back is that our body's maby getting stronger by being able to stand up in our straight up position,but
Time is slipping away from us faster .then it was.even before them.
What I'm trying to say is that the solar system keeps going faster but evolution life spans are growing shorter.
It could be that we are going back in time.
But the solar system is going ahead in time.
Could it be that We are separating from existence and time is moving ahead at such a fast rate that it can't wait for us?

And as we sit here and ponder about the questions in the galaxy,
We still continue to move through the darkness...and only to see not even a blink of life in reality as we know only for this time and only on this tiny planet.

No one really knows the answers for sure.Its all only what we are convinced to believe.
And then we die.
Speed is relative. Compared to the centre of the galaxy, the solar system is whizzing around at about 220-240 km/s. This is very fast. Each time the solar system makes one round around the centre of the galaxy it is called a cosmic year. One cosmic year lasts for about 225 million earth years, and the solar system would travel for about 30,000 lightyears. The Sun is about 20 cosmic years old.

The speed for the galaxy is impossible to determine as everything is relative and it depends where is your reference point, as all the galaxies are moving and some may be moving away.

The universe has no speed as it cannot move (no where to move to)
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