Does the university that you earn your bachelor's degree really matter?

Many argue that it is more important to concentrate on getting into a highly ranked school once seeking an MBA. How much emphasis does corporate america place on the school you obtain your bachelor's degree as oppose to what school you earn your MBA?

What do you want to get out of the B.A.?

If you "just want a job", no it doesn't matter where you go, so long as the university is accredited.

If you want a professional job (ie, non-knowledge-worker, a life more fulfilling than "Office Space") you'll want to get into a school and a program that is renowned for the job that you want.

If you want to go into the aerospace industry, try Virginia Tech, Embry-Riddle, Northwestern, U of Illinois, Caltech or Berkely. If you want business, you can't go wrong with Harvard, Penn, U Conn or U of Chicago. If you are interested in genetics or pharmaceuticals, think Washington University in St. Louis, Stanford, or U Wisconsin.

It's also important that the school suits YOUR needs. If you went to a small high school, you might feel lost on a campus of 80,000 students like U of Michigan (which does offer quite a lot, by the way) and may want to try a small, liberal arts school like Hope College or Rose-Hulman Institute of Tech.

If you have a faith that is important to you, find a campus where there is a ministry or outreach program. If you want to work on very specific projects, look for a particular professor or school.

Good luck!
It's not what you know, but who you .. Degree from, is what you should have said.
Only by those who want to put u down.
Yes. A degree from the University that No-one Has Heard Of does not mean as much as a university that most people know. It makes all the difference. A Bachelor's degree from a unknown school is only a small step up from a high school diploma. If you have an MBA however, the school you got your Bachelor's from won't matter. It is the latest degree that counts.
hi vick

to getting bachelor degree is not a big one.
just put ffort on the studys, just go one glance through what going on that day.don't learn this is very help u when ur preparing for the wxams time.
best ofluck
take care bye
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